About Us

Society Against Global Violent Extremism (SAGVE) was formed to promote global peace, freedom, fundamental human rights and peaceful coexistence among people.

Peaceful Coexistence Among People Globally

The Founder

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Ola Olukunle Raphael


Olukunle is currently the Accountant of Shoprite Nigeria. He joined the company as the Financial Manager at the Freshmark arm of the Division in 2014. He was moved to the Head Office in 2017 to be in charge of the company and its subsidiaries’ Account and Finance department.

With over 15 years’ experience, Olukunle has worked in various roles across the Accounting and Internal Audit functions, mainly on such areas such as Accountancy, Finance Management, Compliance, Internal Control, Payroll Management, Treasury Management and Tax Planning.

Olukunle started his career in the Outdoor Advertising sector as an Internal Auditor and has also worked as an Accountant at DUFIL Prima Foods (Indomie) as well as Bettymovil as a Finance Manager. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. He is a Professional Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) as an ACA and he is also a Professional Business Advisor (PBA) of the Institute of Business Advisors Southern Africa (IBASA).

His love for charity and peace moved him to establish Society Against Global Violent Extremism (SAGVE) in 2019 with the aim of creating awareness on violent extremism, climate change, peace-building, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment among other things.


To promote global peace, freedom, fundamental human rights and peaceful coexistence among people globally


Disarming the process of radicalization by emphasizing on human rights and the rule of law, with dialogue across all boundary lines, and by empowering all young women and men, and by starting as early as possible, on the benches of schools


Let’s make the world a better place for all


  1. To create social stability and awareness on the dangers inherent in violent extremism and other related terrorism issues.
  2. Creating avenue for advocacy for human rights, peaceful resolution of conflicts and sustain socio- economic development among the marginalized communities.
  3. To advocate for a society whereby children and youth no matter their race, gender or nationality have equal rights and opportunities for growth and development.
  4. Improved access to education and psycho-social well being of marginalized children and youth.
  5. Increase household income through self help projects hence eradicating household poverty among the victims of armed conflict and marginalized communities.

Peaceful resolution of conflicts and sustain socio- economic development