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Promoting Global Peace
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Stop Violent Extremism
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Fundamental Human Rights Protection
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Educating Marginalized Children & Youth
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Sustaining socio- economic development

We help to create avenues for advocacy for human rights, peaceful resolution of conflicts and sustain socio- economic development among the marginalized communities.

Eradicating Poverty

At SAGVE we aim at Increasing household income through self help projects hence eradicating household poverty among the victims of armed conflict and marginalized communities.

Our Mission

Disarming the process of radicalization by emphasizing on human rights and the rule of law, with dialogue across all boundary lines, and by empowering all young women and men, and by starting as early as possible, on the benches of schools

Psychosocial Support

Livelihoods Support

Peace Building


Public Awareness

Emergency and Relief

Mental Health


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What We Have Achieved

  • Voters Education on the dangers of electoral violence.
  • Harnessing Youth Energy In the Fight Against Violent Extremism.
  • Capacity Building of Management and Administration of SAGVE.
  • Provision of internet and website at SAGVE office.
  • Drugs and Substance Abuse awareness creation.
  • 2019 International Day for UN Peacekeepers.

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