Society Against Global Violent Extremism (SAGVE) was formed to promote global peace, freedom, fundamental human rights and peaceful coexistence among people globally. We are working assiduously to prevent violent extremism and terrorism.


“Let’s make the world a better place for all”.   This is our shared values and objectives:creating social stability and awareness; Creating avenue for advocacy for human rights; advocating for a society of equal rights and opportunities for growth… read more

Our Focus

Disarming the process of radicalization by emphasizing on human rights and the rule of law, with dialogue across all boundary lines, and by empowering all young women and men, and by starting as early as possible, on the benches of schools.

The best way to fight violent extremism is with education, jobs provision and healthcare.


Sri Lankan Muslims

Sri Lankan Muslims: ‘We stand against Extremism and Terrorism’ Sri Lankan Muslims held posters on Friday condemning the terror attacks that triggered multiple blasts in Catholic churches on Easter Sunday in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Holding signs reading “We stand against Extremism and Terrorism,” the devotees stood in front of the capital’s Dewatagaha Jumma Mosque. Hundreds …



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